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Recovering from Covid-19, earthquakes and extreme flooding, children and their families need our support
Help families and children in need
Each dollar can make a change
If you want to give your support but don't have financial opportunity — you could become a volunteer, participate in events or start a fundraiser. Apply here.
our mission
About one-quarter of the world population living below the poverty line. Natural disasters such as Cover-19 displaced thousands of families and worsened already frail economy. Children are facing severe challenges such as lack of food, medicine support, education and leaving on the street. With Safe Nation team and your participation can give them a future they deserve.
Building safe and secure schools and helping teachers to provide high quality education.
Building global security teams to protect homes and support people's lives.
Helping children in times of crisis like Covid-19 pandemic and natural disaster, conflict and disease outbreaks.
Let's build these children a future
they deserve
Why people need our help
High mortality
34 out of 1000 children in Asia die before their 5th birthday, mostly from preventable causes. Although remarkable progress was made in child survival in the past few decades, 19 189 children in Nepal died in 2018 alone.
No education
770 000 children aged 5-12 years are out of school. Attendance in early childhood education is still low at 51 percent. Key barriers to enrollment and attendance include poverty, social exclusion, disability, migration, child labour, social norms and gender bias.
Natural disasters
In 2020, during pandemic isolation, many family members have lost their work and couldn't feed their families any more. This led to a rise of criminal activity and poverty.
Also severe rainy seasons could brake the poverty line even more. Mass migration could cause and rise of hungry people in more economically developed countries.
1.7 million people were affected, 20 880 families displaced and 43 400 homeless in South Asian countries need support from the world organisations.
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Each dollar can make a change

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