My First Story

No escape from Sri Lanka’s

At this day in February 11th me and Rebecka;visited Sri Lanka’s 🇱🇰 capital Colombo.

We rented a cab for a whole day and did a stop at this beach at Galle Face. After about 1h walking around in the sun at the beach to take some photos and even helped a local turtle rescue center to release hundreds of baby turtles 🐢 into the sea, we decided to jump into the hot 🥵 sun parked taxi-car again and drive to the nearby Galle Face shopping mall.

When we reached the entrance by car we where stopped for a fever check by guards 😷 reaching there arms inside the car and pointed an instrument against our foreheads. At this time the car had cooled down a bit after the sun parking earlier, but my body had not so I was displayed for fever 🤒 with 37,6 degree.

Remember this was on the early stage of the Corona outbreak outside of China. So me and my girlfriend didn’t take it so serious, we laughed and told them that “aaah no that’s not fever, that’s normal for me”. The display was displaying ORANGE, not RED. So only a light fever. But still it really got me nervous because they didn’t let me go and keep testing me about 5-6 times for fever with the same results. At this time I feel how my heartbeat and body heat raising by my nervousness.

I then was told to get out of the car and stand in the shadow for a couple of minutes (me thinking now it’s serious, they gonna put me in quarantine and we gonna miss our cruise ship leaving in about 3 hours). Then they did a new test to my forehead and the screen lighted GREEN, the most beautiful green color I ever seen! 😆 So I asked the guard if it was Ok now for me to go back to the car, but he said NO 😔... After another test and a green light I asked OK again, but I still got a NO as an answer... After a third green test the guard finally sad “OK you can go” 😅
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