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Treatment of Coronavirus was already written in 2003, from my grandmother's notes.

I have a friend from Russia, and I remember how he told me about the Russian grannies. Who throughout their entire lives used to save not only their money for a rainy day but also newspapers, some paper cutouts, magazines and calendars.

So, recently my friend sent me a video where Ukrainian girl arrived at her granny’s house. Russians and Ukrainians have the same roots and a lot in common, they are actually brothers. She found a “Healthy lifestyle” magazine which was dated from 2003. They wrote about coronavirus, the symptoms and how to treat it.

My friend wrote the contents of this video in English below.

Here is the text and the link to the original video: https://youtu.be/6B9rm081RLk

“I’ve just arrived at my granny’s house, my granny is very smart, she keeps this magazine “Healthy lifestyle in Ukraine”. Just look at its size, its massive, lovely magazine. We’ve been looking through these pages and look what we’ve found - The title “Coronavirus is getting aggressive”. Now please look at the date it was issued (September 2003 as it is) and I have no clue why there were no global issues with this coronavirus. Nobody was panicking what so ever, giving these very simple treatment medications - Ribavirin, it is used in combination with Prednisolone. Even I’ve heard about these. So, my friends, you can draw a conclusion on your own.”

Here are a few links about these medications on Wikipedia:

My conclusion is this: if this virus has been spreading (http://coronastreet.space/info) for more than twenty years, of course, it would mutate and get stronger. On the other hand, this virus is a long term experiment which will eventually lead to a global disaster.

I’m not going to blame anybody, but this is definitely a massive experiment.
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