My First Story

What a crazy week

The news pile up from the outside world. No more music allowed. (That’s a sad world without music), all gigs cancelled.
Then we had to leave our flat. Faster than we thought. Sought refuge on an island. Now we’re islanders. We don’t sing. We don’t play...we cook instead and keep our people fed. In the midst of all that we still managed to finish recording our album. Pack our lives. Move again. Now the government says we should rush home by the last plane before all flights cease. It’s Isolation in the UK vs tropical island’s quiet life. Kind of a no brainer really. For now. Tomorrow the world will be different again. We know nothing. We wait. We lay low. We wait for the internet to be faster so we can send our half baked tracks to @jasonshawfuzzface
So we can finally unleash them on the world. .
Came up with this song:
What if we never see our friends and families again. 
What if the world is completely changed when we go back to the mainland #washyourhands they said.
They spray us with window cleaner and take our temperature with little guns they put to your forehead. #dystopian times are here again. 
#lifeontheroad#othersideoftheworld #farfromhomebut #nearthesea #selfie #uncertainty#nomusic ... #music anyway even if we only play to ourselves. We both brought a #guitar so we’ll be #safe til maybe one day we #return to the #world.
Oh #cambodia ...
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