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New setting for coronavirus global play. Who is the comedian?

This is some kind of craziness as if the whole world had gone crazy around this novel coronavirus theatre performance. Every day is the same.
We see how Donald Trump advises the infusion of an antiseptic to everyone ready for these experiments and then apologizes for people taking it too seriously. Now we hear about the death of Kim Jong-un, circled the whole network. Is that a game of hide-and-seek? Everyone suddenly wants to know where the Korean leader was. A few days later, he was like;
"Here I am, it was a joke."
Enough to spread this nonsense, as if there's nothing more to talk about. We need to save the world, even when sitting at home. Millions of people are starving and have been left without work from a masquerade of political loafers. 

Coronavirus is not a virus - it is a new idea based on global biological terrorism. You'll see how the whole world will fight viruses. After all, terrorism is over, and it is time to come up with a new negative character according to the scenario of the Hollywood blockbuster. Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who is, in my opinion doing his job right and taking care of his country right now (as it may not be seen as the wast majority of Russians are not satisfied). People need to blame the government for their wasted life, and the leaders will always be taking advantage of it. The main thing is that everyone should be healthy not only physically, but inside their mind. 

We are now at the turn of the times, looking at things as reflection and not surprised anymore because you know about it all as a complete circus with some little truth buried in dirty lies.
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