My First Story

COVID-19 positive

We're COVID-19 positive. It all began a few days ago when Rob had been fighting what we are all too familiar with as allergy symptoms. Since he was low on his breathing treatment medication I asked him to go to the doctor for a refill. The doctor made a test available to him as he is considered high risk being asthmatic. Luckily the turn around time for testing was quick. While we were waiting on the results to return I also began experiencing mild symptoms such as a dry cough, body aches and persistent headache.

Sharing our #covid19stories because we are like many individuals who are positive and do not know due to how mild their symptoms have been. No one had developed a fever.  Our coughs, aches and nausea have been similar to the common cold or mild flu. We're still able to take a deep enough breath and hold it.

If it weren't for the doctor insisting on testing we would have probably gone on with normal #quarantine behavior of staying inside, only going out for the occasional necessities like groceries.

While symptoms have been very mild for us, we know they can be deadly to others which is why we've been in true lock down as the Department of Health recommends us to stay self quarantined for at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery and 7 days since symptoms first occurred. Life is on pause as we stay snuggled in - Watching every single thing on @netflixand eating all the snacks ( Hello #quarantinefifteen ). 80% of us could easily manage these mild symptoms mistaking them for allergies or typical body aches which is why it is so easily spread without us knowing.
Please #stayhome everyone. Let's flatten the curve.
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